Top 3 Reasons To Use Able’s FAA-Approved Repairs

Controlling operating costs is one of the biggest challenges for aviation professionals. Between equipment leases, fuel, maintenance, and spares, the expenses needed to keep your fleet in good shape add up quickly. However, Able’s mission is to safely reduce aircraft operating costs by providing resourceful solutions, so we have developed a variety of capabilities that could save your company thousands of dollars each year. One of Able’s most popular capabilities is repairs, which use highquality, FAA-approved replacement parts (PMA) to fix your aircraft quickly without sacrificing safety or breaking the bank. Here are three ways these repairs and parts could help your business:

1. Dramatic Cost Savings

PMA parts keep your fleet operational and safe for a fraction of the cost of buying new. For example, see how much savings your business could capture by using PMA components for repairs instead of purchasing brand new parts. This is just a small sample of over 2,000 approved repairs that are available for Able customers.

2. Maintain Utmost Safety

It may seem like PMA repairs are not as safe as buying new parts from big-name aviation companies, but in fact, they are just as safe. Able’s repairs are approved by the same FAA office that originally certifies your aircraft, so you can rest assured that cutting costs does not mean cutting corners. 100-non-failure-rate

3. Faster Turn Times

New parts can take weeks to be manufactured and delivered, which means your aircraft is spending more time in the shop and less time in the air. With typical turn times under 21 days, Able’s repairs allow you to get the maintenance you need while reducing AOG. less-than-21-days Once you compare the savings, safety, and efficiency, it’s easy to see how our repairs are the next best thing to buying new. For more information on how Able’s FAA approved repairs could help you save money on maintenance, contact us at 1-855-350-ABLE.

Written by Able Engineering

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