Able's solutions to your repair needs are innovative

Able's in-house engineering staff boasts twenty-four (24) engineers, including four (4) full-authority FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER's). Our engineers have over 145 years of combined Mechanical, Metallurgical, PMA and Aerospace Engineering experience. They are dedicated to providing the best possible support for your repair and PMA needs.

With an engineering staff as well-versed in industrial processing, structural & metallurgical analysis, and aerospace design as ours, and with the use of state-of-the-art scanning & modeling techniques, custom repair processes and innovative PMA designs are developed quickly and efficiently. Our on-site DER's allow fast FAA-approval of new repairs & PMA's, while close engineering cooperation on the production line assures safe and appropriate repair & PMA processing.

Able's solutions to your repair & PMA needs are innovative and resourceful, but in all cases, prudence and conservatism are the order of the day. Exhaustive structural analysis ensures that all repair processes are structurally and functionally sound - safety is never compromised.


To Safely Reduce Aircraft Operating Costs

by Providing Resourceful Component Repair, Overhaul and Approved Replacement Parts Solutions