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Delivering Next-Generation Cold Spray Today

Able’s next-generation cold spray combines robotic technology and three decades of engineering expertise to fix the once unfixable, all while maintaining the highest structural integrity of your parts. Before you go to scrap, contact Able for FAA approved solutions to corrosion, mechanical wear and damage to components from heavy in-service use or handling.

Our supersonic cold spray process is equipped to apply aluminum, nickel, stainless steel or titanium to more than 50 highly validated repairs, addressing industry-wide challenges like pitting damage to swash plates, corrosion on o-ring grooves and excessive wear to hydraulic pump housing covers.

With the Airbus A320 crossover beam alone, Able’s in-house cold spray is repairing common damage to upper eye arms, lower V blades and tangs – solutions that save clients more than 50 percent over the cost of buying new and that return parts in better-than-new condition.

In most cases, cold spray is combined with Able’s other in-house services – such as machining, painting and complete overhaul capabilities – allowing us to turn the highest quality jobs in significantly less time.

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