Our Capabilities

Quality, turn-time and price are the foundation of our business, but they are just the start of what you can expect when you work with Able. We work tirelessly to exceed expectations, and that has everything to do with the customer experience. That’s why we’ve built a network of field service and customer service representatives to ensure that your experience is second to none.

Repairs & Overhauls

Able offers more than 10,000 FAA approved, out of scope and proprietary repairs for fixed-wing and rotor-wing fleets. Count on us to restore your components to their original form, fit and function at a fraction of the cost of new.


Able’s advance exchange program reduces turnaround time and aircraft downtime by delivering components to your door that you can use during maintenance.

Approved Replacement Parts

We offer high-quality, FAA approved replacement parts. Another way to lower operating costs and end downtime.

Specialized Services

From plating to coatings to custom repairs, Able has invested millions into its Specialized Services capabilities so that we can offer you the latest technologies and innovative processes – completed almost 100 percent in house.

Our Facility Capabilities

More than 95 percent of our work is done in-house. Less outsourcing = savings for operators. Need help with your next custom job? See our Facility Capabilities below for a sampling of what we can do!

Special Processes and Custom Jobs

Able’s in-house specialized services bring industry-leading capabilities under one roof, allowing us to maximize quality while reducing costs and delivery time.

Safe. Approved. Affordable

Lead Lag Bearing

OEM 407-310-102-101/103

Bell 407

Input Pinion Adapter

OEM 206-040-048-101

Bell 206A, 206B, 206L, 206L1, 206L3

Basket Cam Assembly

OEM 140N2668-45/46/47/48

Boeing 757

Aft IB Track

OEM 1A044-0421

Boeing 757

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