Success with JT8D-200 expands company’s Owner/Operator Parts capabilities

MESA, Ariz. (December 14, 2015) – Able Aerospace Services rolled its first thrust reverser skins off of the production lot this week, marking the company’s latest success in providing safe, cost-effective solutions through the Owner/Operator Parts (OOP) process.

“Able engineers are among the best in the industry at reverse engineering and producing Owner/Operator Approved Parts,” said Greg Guidera, Able Aerospace Director of Business Development. “These products provide a supply alternative for all types of operators – from small fleets to the world’s largest airlines – who face delays because original parts are not available, are common to only one airline or are difficult to obtain in a timely or cost-effective manner.”

As is the case with Able’s newest offering – the JT8D-200 thrust reverser skin – Owner/Operator Parts allow 121 operators to maintain or alter their aircraft with parts that they produce using the same design data, materials and processes as the original part.

During this process, Able reverse engineers the OEM parts and manufactures Owner/Operator Parts according to FAA- and owner-approved design stipulations. Since its inception in 1982, Able has successfully reverse engineered a wide range of Owner/Operator Parts including plates, brackets, phone cradles, seat cushions and special modifications.

“Over the years, Able’s Owner/Operator Parts have saved our customers millions of dollars by safely reducing MRO costs and significantly increasing time to market,” said Anthony Saenz, President of Able Aerospace, Inc. “We have an extremely strong track record in this sector and are always looking for additional opportunities to partner on new Owner/Operator Parts requirements.”

Based in Mesa, Arizona, Able provides some of the world’s most extensive MRO and parts solutions for both rotor and fixed wing aircraft. On the fixed wing front, the company has developed 10,000+ FAA approved out of scope repairs, all with broad global airworthiness certifications. These jobs are completed 100 percent in house by fixed-wing experts who work within Able’s 200,000-square-foot facility.


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