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Able - Airbus Flap Interconnecting Strut

Satisfy the FAA's Flap Interconnecting Strut AD at the best price and quality.

As an FAA approved repair provider, Able can ensure you remain compliant with the FAA's AD A320-57-1164 and EASA's AD 2012-0012 for the flap interconnecting strut for the A318, A319, A320 and A321. Able has already completed a number of these repairs and is ready to assist you with your AD compliance at the industry's best price point, fastest turn time and highest quality.

Bell 206 - Transmission Main Case
Interconnecting Strut Part Numbers
D 575-70305-000-00 D 575-70305-001-00
D 575-70305-002-00 D 575-70305-006-00
D 575-70305-008-00 D 575-70305-010-00
D 575-70305-012-00 D 575-70322-000-00

Investigation has shown that, under specific circumstances, a “target FAR” cannot be detected when reaching the mechanical end stop of the interconnecting strut. If not corrected, this could cause asymmetric flap panel movement and loss of control of the airplane. The AD requires identification of struts that have a certain target/sensor s/n combination installed, and repair with AD-compliant parts.

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